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[Closed] Recent updates and possible changes. Including Server Updates (September 13, 2019)  


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September 13, 2019 6:16 AM  

Recently we’ve had some issues with the website and have reworked how some of it works. We’ve also been slowly working on getting forums, profiles, and a storefront working. Work on the server with getting plugins setup how we’d like has also been taking some time. We’ve been waiting patiently on our most important plugins to update to 1.14.x for us to move onto making sure the server is just how we want it. However, we have some thoughts for the current map since we did have some technical issues earlier in the year. The issues we had left some strange nuances in the world. So we were thinking to revisit the map and make a new one. It was planned in the first place, but we decided to let the vanilla map run its course until we felt it was a good time to change. With work being slow and not much being done with the current map, we’ve been thinking of creating a custom map to move to. Concerns about lost gear and other belongings are understandable. Wands can easily be restored, TARDIS’s can easily be regenerated into existence. Backpacks are save in their own unique files. Any items left in a chest or in your inventory when the new map is placed will be lost unless saved in one of those places. We may consider a temporary holding area for players’ gear once this change has been made. Player items may even be moved by staff for those who’ve not been around. We are looking about how to change a map without losing inventory, but it can be an inevitable occurrence and we want to have our bases covered. 

Updates for September 13, 2019:

  • Paradigm renamed to Oasis to reflect possible changes to the server
    • references to Paradigm changed to Oasis
  • An automatic rank-up feature has been created to move n00b players to Builder after 24 hours of playtime. This time may be changed.
  • TARDIS permissions have been set
    • Builder players are able to receive a book upon login that states how to make one
  • Herobrine aggro chances reduced
    • We sent him on a brief relaxing cruise
  • A hub world has been created to welcome new players and is where players can find top voters and the portal to bloodiedVulpes’s Undertale adventure map
  • Death now sends you to the most recent bed you slept in.
    • This is a per world basis
      • You will respawn in the world you died in. No bed? Respawn at world’s spawnpoint
  • Chances of socketed items increased.
    • Players kept getting sockets gems, but no items to attach them to
  • Sign locking has been removed. Items must now be locked with /lock
    • add other players to a lock with /cmodify <playername>
  • More Updates to come!

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