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[Closed] Server Updates (August 29, 2019)  


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August 29, 2019 8:37 PM  

Apologies for any confusion. There were some issues with our forums and they were reset. Hopefully they will not show up again. The following is all posted updates from the past few months.

March 5, 2019:

  • Server jar changed to PaperMC
  • Changes made to some survival mechanics
  • Mining is now more challenging. Ores create cobble blocks around them with a chance of collapse
  • Pickaxes of all kinds now take slightly more damage per block broken
  • Torches cannot be placed on soft surfaces
    • Gold pickaxes in particular have actually been raised above vanilla and last longer than normal.
  • Crops now have a 20% chance to decay
  • Farming in deserts is more difficult
  • Falling snow has a chance to kill crops
  • Explosions now cause more destruction
  • Swimming with a full inventory is dangerous. You can now drown if you’re tooheavy
    • Armor adds weight to drowning
  • Run speed is now faster for unarmored with a 25% reduction to fully armored
  • Zombies can now resurrect or call for help and cause slowness
  • Skeletons can now fire ballistics or silverfish
  • Spawnrate for monsters has been increased slightly
  • Enderdragon now respawns and calls for help
  • Ghasts are now slightly resistant to arrows making it more challenging to kill on
  • Overcrowding feature enabled to prevent large amounts of animals in small areas

March 9, 2019:

  • Crop decay decreased to 10%, down from 20%
  • A config reducing XP earned from animals has been disabled
  • A config for squid to only spawn in ocean biomes has been disabled
  • A config to nerf iron golems has been disabled
  • A config setting for zombie pigmen to always be hostile has been disabled
  • Endermen now have the ability to teleport you to them
  • Increased carry weight to avoid drowning
  • Full Armor now reduces speed by 25% down from 40%

April 18, 2019

  • Adjusted loot tiers to make sockets slightly more common due to a somewhat high drop rate for socket gems
  • Began testing minigames
    • First Hunger Games arena created for testing.
      • Requires at least 2 players.
      • Max of 12.
      • Winner gets a payout at the end.
      • Changes to arena and or winnings to be adjusted.
      • Game located through unmarked portal in Paradigm (hub city accessible by train at /spawn)
    • Other games up for consideration are: Build Battles, Sky Wars, Battle Royale, Duels, Skirmish, Spleef. All are TBD

May 4, 2019.

  • Customized death messages. More to follow
  • Increased passive mob damage when aggro’d
  • Natural spawns of illagers have been added at low levels
  • TARDIS has been activated.
    • You should receive a book upon login.
    • Follow instructions to create your own!

August 23, 2019

  • Created Hub world accessible by /spawn
    • This world will be updated and be a host to portals to maps and games in the future
    • Will also contain specialized shops
  • Added something spooky. Be sure to keep your home safe, you never know what might come lurking…
  • Map had a slight issue with seeding and has regenerated unexplored chunks as new biomes. This creates some interesting topography. We may smooth it out later.
  • Construction of Paradigm continues with some added buildings that will become shops in the future.
  • Ender_Dragon fight adjusted as it spawned way too many mobs and took too long to kill
    • Dragon respawns after a little while
      • Gives Egg to final blow
      • Throws fire
      • Has slightly higher than default health
  • A plugin for horses has been added.
    • You can now claim and train horses. Storing them is also very easy. Simply place a saddle on a tamed horse and type ‘/h claim.’ The horse is then yours.
  • A plugin for letting you have your own pet companions has been tweaked and is available. Check ‘/help pet’ on server for more info.


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