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[Closed] Server Updates for April 4, 2020  


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April 4, 2020 5:13 PM  

We’ve been working on getting a new map made for the server so we can get going to where we want however, we’ve hit a snag. The program we’re using to create the map hasn’t been updated to support the new mapping technology introduced with 1.14.x. Therefore our release of the new map has been delayed until we come up with a solution to show is to load the new map without it being wiped and remade by the server with default Minecraft behavior. Now, onto more regular info:


  • TARDIS has returned to functional
  • Introduced a balanced mob leveling system where every 500 blocks they will go up one level. This affects their overall health and damage output. This also introduces a few new passive features such as staying full will provide more passive healing than default
  • Added a new plugin that labels dropped items similar to playing an isometric rpg
  • Increased player health to 30HP
  • Added a head drop plugin with adjusted drop and currency values
  • Tinkering with trains has less to them becoming llamas. Alluding to possible future plans
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