Over a year ago, we set out to create the most obnoxiously fun Minecraft server ever seen. We succeeded in making it so, however real life got in the way making it difficult or impossible to work on it and build up a playerbase. We've recently gone back to the drawing board and are taking a new approach. We're bringing towns, magic, and a fun economy system, perhaps even dungeons. It's all too early to tell. It's a work-in-progress, but it's headed in the right direction. We hope to eventually just be a fun place to go. Nothing hardcore, nothing extreme, just a silly yet fun place to visit and call your own. We'd love to have you.

About us

We’re just a bunch of misfits trying to find our way in the online world. A few of us even have our own YouTube channels! We just came together with a love for gaming and wish to share some randomly awesome experiences with the world, as well as have our own server that’s not hosted by one of us to use for experimentation and content for the ones who have channels.